XØ Projects Inc (XØp) provides planning, architecture and related consulting services for the development of industrial, commercial and cultural facilities. Since 1989, XØp has planned &/or designed more than 5 million sq ft of projects with 2.2 million sq ft completed.

XØp is based at The Old American Can Factory, a 130,000 sq ft industrial complex it developed and operates as a curated community for more than 300 artists, artisans, filmmakers and others working in the creative industries.

At The (OA) Can Factory, XØp produced &/or presented hundreds of performances, exhibitions and cultural events, often in collaboration with other institutions, to audiences in total of more than 100,000 persons since 1996.

Additional company and project information is available upon request.

For information about The (OA) Can Factory, go to THECANFACTORY.ORG